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Remove adware, toolbars, and browser hijackers that infect your Mozilla Firefox with unwanted add-ons and change browser settings

How to Remove Sonic Train Ads from Mozilla Firefox?

Sonic Train adware

Sonic Train is a browser add-on that displays ads in your Firefox if this adware was installed on your computer. This application is installed as a Windows program and browser extension. Usually. this components of Sonic Train are deceptively installed with freeware by a download client. Unless you reject Sonic Train as optional program, it […]

How to Remove Gem Grab Ads from Mozilla Firefox?

Gem Grab ads

Gem Grab ads appear in your Firefox if a similarly named adware add-on was installed in your web browser. This application is also installed as a Windows program. Gem Grab adware are usually deceptively installed with other free programs wrapped in a download client. Since it sets Gem Grab for automatic installation, it will infect […]

How to Remove from Mozilla Firefox? hijacker search engine gets in your Firefox via browser hijacker that comes with freeware. It installs add-on for Firefox and replaces your search engine and homepage with a different search page used for promotion. If you want to remove from Firefox, then you have to remove this add-on and restore your favorite homepage and […]

How to Remove CutThePrice Ads from Mozilla Firefox?

CutThePrice adware

CutThePrice add-on displays ads in your Firefox when a similarly named program is present on your computer. This adware is usually installed with a free program or update that comes with a setup wrapped in a download client. The last promotes other software, especially programs that bring some profit to the distributor. CutThePrice is set […]

How to Remove Positive Finds Ads from Firefox?

Positive Finds displays ads in your Firefox as any adware installed on your computer. It comes with a free program or update installed by a download client bundled with adware. Firefox is infected with Positive Finds add-on if you fail to remove a check mark set for automatic installation of Positive Finds. You need to […]

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