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100 Percent Absolutely and Totally FREE Malware Removal, Cleaner, Remover …

So, I got you because I offered you a bunch of wonders when you really need one for free malware removal.

Before I show you the most efficient way, stop and think. Doesn’t this headline sound silly for one who is older than kid?

I did combine it out of popular search terms taken out of Yahoo

  • Absolutely Free Malware Removal
  • 100 Percent Free Malware Removal
  • Free Anti Malware Programs
  • Totally Free Malware Cleaner
  • Totally Free Virus Removal
  • 100% Free Malware Removal Download

Is this what you expect? Then, let me ask you a simple question. Do you believe that marketing guys are agents of Santa Claus when they pronounce “100% free“, “absolutely free“, “totally free“, and so on?

Your father probably told you that “free cheese is only in a mouse trap“. Why would you behave like one who never learned?

FREE is one of the most seductive words and the most popular of story tails. Actually, free goods are only air, sun, and water with minor exceptions. Everything else, including malware removal, requires some effort taken by those who need, at least, some food, closing, and shelter. None of these things comes for free.

If you get paid for your work, then why would you expect that things are any different with malware removers and cleaners while programmers and other IT guys are well-paid professionals?

And if you look for wonders, you already got one because malware is “100% free“, “totally free“, and “absolutely free” like a piece of cheese in a mouse trap.

I hope that this malware is not a screen locker that asks you for $$$ ransom. However, the time that you can waste for malware removal might be even more expensive. I had seen free malware removal sessions on forums that took couple of volunteers and continued for up to 20 days. Some failed to remove the threat at the end. Just think how long would it take to find a good malware removal guide, then put some effort in manual malware removal, or try out free malware cleaners and see if one would work?

Time is money. Take the worth of your time in account before making your choices.


Free Malware Removal Guides

Any removal guide that you can access is free by default. Still some guys are telling you their guides are FREE and ask you for donation. However, as soon as someone donates or purchases one of offered affiliated products, the guide gets some price paid by volunteers. Is it free?

Indeed, some of free guides found on the web are very expensive, and you pay the bill if you follow. I had seen free removal guides that would help you to screw up your computer system if you try to use instructions for manual removal found there. While it is not likely that one would follow crazy ways offered for scaring visitors into pushing download buttons, the danger is real, and restoring your data is expensive.

How would you find is the malware removal guide good or dangerous?

Use your common sense. If the guide looks suspicious, then it probably is.

Do not trust to search engines. I don’t know how poor and dangerous content gets to the top of search results, but unfortunately this happens. Visit couple of websites and compare information for malware removal found there. More consistent is less dangerous.

Beware websites that use irrelevant images and words that make you feeling stupid and scared instead of giving you clear and detailed instructions for malware removal. Download buttons found on useless web pages do not necessarily belong to cyber criminals, but it is always better to promote good job than support nonsense spread over the web by unprofessional and unethical affiliates.


Free Malware Removal Tools and Cleaners

Anyone prefers security software offered by well-known and trusted manufacturers. Some of them offer software for malware removal for free. Then, why so many people are looking for malware cleaners elsewhere?

This happens because malware cleaners offered by major anti-virus vendors are often limited and cannot always meet your demand. I think that there are two major reasons for anti-virus manufacturers to avoid deep involvement in anti-malware protection.

Malicious software defined in legal terms doesn’t match peoples’ perception. There are many legitimate products that are generally unwanted and often deceptively installed, but they comply with legal requirements. Blocking legitimate products on a huge scale without convincing cause can provoke expensive legal suits. It is safer for major anti-virus vendors to react on threats that are already recognized by others instead of following peoples’ demands that cause legal dilemma.

Moreover, protection extended to numerous minor threats doesn’t fit well with protection against serious ones. Any anti-virus product has a huge database of virus signatures, and it is growing. Customers do not want protection that would compromise system performance, and there are things that are more important than stuffing database with legitimate products that some computer users do not like.

Most effective anti-malware products are developed by relatively small companies that can concentrate their efforts in this direction. I cannot introduce all of them here, and I assume that your main concern is different. So, I will try to answer the most relevant of your possible questions.

  • What anti-malware products are free?
  • Which one of free anti-malware products is the best choice?
  • How good free anti-malware is as compared to paid products?
  • Can anti-malware software replace your antivirus?

The last question is the most important one because people do not always realize difference between anti-virus and anti-malware products. None of anti-malware products can match your antivirus ability to protect your computer system against most destructive threats. Anti-virus protection is essential for any computer system. Anti-malware protection is security extension that protects you against various malicious and legitimate programs that can annoy you and threaten your own security and privacy instead of hurting your computer.

As a devil’s advocate with background in economics I would say that a free product is one that cannot be sold well. This doesn’t necessarily is due to its low quality, but it is clear that the developer of a free product is less responsible for result than one who is trying to get your money upfront.

Actually, none of anti-malware products offers you full anti-malware protection for free. Anyone is a combination of various functions and options included in free and paid portions of the software. So, I assume that you are interested in free malware removal and apply this condition.

Which one of anti-malware products that meet this condition is the best? It depends on the type of infection that you got. Some of malicious types are better detected by specific anti-malware products. However, the most popular of these products is definitely “Malwarebytes” anti-malware, and seductive word FREE ads a lot to its quickly growing popularity. Certainly this popularity is not limited to marketing tricks. Malwarebytes was second in our tests for malware detection, but SpyHunter that scores the best result doesn’t offer you free automated malware removal. Other products were far behind in malware detection or demonstrated strange behavior such as system lock.

How good Malwarebytes is as compared to paid products? Good enough or even better. Last version is quick and clear. However, if you need full protection available in paid version, then SpyHunter is your best choice because it is not limited to software performance. It consists of software and service that provides you free professional support for removal problems and even develops custom fixes for your particular computer system and mutating virus infections that are hard to remove.

While full protection offered with SpyHunter is more expensive than one offered by Malwarebytes, it is more powerful and less expensive than online removal services or a single visit to your local computer shop for malware removal.

Now, let me share my latest experience that may give you some idea on product performance and my personal preference. While I tested both of products on computer infected with a bunch of various viruses, I did never tried them on my home computer that is protected with Avast. So, I decided to check it for possible problems. Below are three consequently taken shots after I scanned my computer with Malwarebytes and SpyHunter.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware - scan results

Malwarebytes found some problems on my machine. As you can see two of them are real, and the last one is related to Windows service that I turned off.


System restart for MBAM removal process

Now, Malwarebytes shows that my computer is clean.


SpyHunter's scan results - collapsed list

What a surprise! There are 247 more threats found by SpyHunter.


I sorted out Alexa Toolbar because I am using it. Blekko component is also a shared one and used by the service that I need. I am forced to take the risk. Other threats are mostly related to tracking cookies from various websites marked as malicious. If you hate spyware and those who are watching over your shoulder, then SpyHunter is for you.

Recently, I was puzzled about quick reaction of advertisers that followed with ads immediately, any time when I visited websites related to cars, bots, and similar stuff. Tracking cookies helped them to spy on me, and I had some kind of paranoia for being naked online.

SpyHunter helped to protect my privacy, at least against numerous bots of malicious observers. I just expanded threat names in scan result, got the path, and then remove files marked as malicious. While I had some fun for scientific reasons, removing more than 200 cookies by hand “absolutely free” is not a fun at all. Now, I know why so many people license SpyHunter.


100% Free Malware Detectives’ Way of Malware Removal

Out of my personal experience you can see that you can have both free essential protection and free quality malware removal if you do not afraid to make your feet wet. It is a combined product of great software and your basic computer skill that helps you to get “100% free malware removal” and “use totally free greatest malware cleaners“.

1) I use FREE Avast for couple of years, and it is good enough because Malwarebytes found only 2 real problems on my computer, and fixed service that I had turned off myself. However, it can be also disabled by malware.

2) I use FREE Malwarebytes and it helped me to save my time and remove one Trojan missed by Avast and some OpenCandy files left in Application Data that Avast did not remove as any other anti-virus product would probably do because they target most dangerous files, and leave behind ones that are harmless without related executables.

3) I use FREE SpyHunters’s scanner because it finds more threats than any other product and helps me to remove these threats manually. Almost 250 tiny and nasty spies infected my computer and reported on my activities. I had sadistic pleasure of killing each one of them personally just because I wanted to make it for free, but it took about two hours.

Everything is ABSOLUTELY FREE if you use this way of malware removal.

Do you see the catch?

I forgot to take the worth of my time in account. I use SpyHunter for free because manual removal is a part of my profession, and SpyHunter’s free scanner is a greatest helper. However, any normal busy man may prefer to purchase a license because he can count the worth of his time, and messing with computer system is quite time consuming and expensive.

Time is money, and any free offer is somehow limited as I told you. Forgive me for giving you practical advice instead of a wonder.


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