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Christmas Gift for Your Protection against Junkware

Christmas gift for better life

When you download freeware, it often comes with a download client that moves you through couple of screens with various information accompanied by numerous check boxes. Some, or most of check marks placed in these check boxes belong to bundled junkware and mean your agreement for installing additional programs. This way junkware is installed.

Minesweeper Game is the same as freeware installation

Installing freeware resembles playing Minesweeper today.
If you find and remove all unrelated check marks, then you are OK. If you failed to notice and remove one, then some junkware will be automatically installed on your computer. Other will follow.

Software for advertising, or a rogue search engine that suddenly replaced a normal one, are not usually related to Trojans and viruses as you might think. They came by trick.

If you found junkware after you had installed some free program or update, then you just lost “the game of taking check marks out of check boxes” set for you by unfair marketers as a trap for accepting various useless and unwanted programs.

One miss… Game is Over!… Some junkware is installed on your computer.

Unchecky is a savior for your time

The most intimidating problem for computer users who install freeware is looking for check boxes placed in a tricky way on numerous screens and removing check marks out of boxes that are not related to a program that you want to install. Even if you are very careful, once in a while you will lose this game because tricks used by marketers for installing junkware are numerous.

We didn’t expect to find better advice for your protection besides preaching for precaution and attention paid to the installation process. Now, we found Unchecky, and we are eager to share this news with you as the best Chrismas gift that we can offer today to our visitors.

Christmas banner for Unchecky - free junkware blocker

We tried Unchecky and found it amazing. It works like your secretary that takes bad check marks out of boxes set for installing bundled junkware and warns you if you are about to install one of suspicious programs. Unchecky follows pattern used for junkware installation and helps to block newest junkware unknown yet to anti-malware software.


Download a Free Blocker for Junkware Installers

If you visit, then you definitely need Unchecky. It is FREE, and it is a wonderful layer of your protection against junkware.

Download Unchecky from Developer’s Website
and Protect Your Computer Against Future Infections

If you have any problem while trying to download Unchecky from the developer’s website. Then you can Download Unchecky from CNET. There you will find a previous version, but it is not a problem because Unchecky is automatically updated.


Note: Downloads from CNET might contain bundled freeware that you would not like to install. Just be careful, and take check marks out of boxes set for installing unknown products.

Unchecky will automatically remove checkmarks that belong to junkware after you install it. While it cannot handle all the junkware networks in the world, it can greatly reduce the chance of junkware infection. It can protect your kids, elders, and newbie computer users, but we completely agree with a comment left on CNET by one of experienced men.

He wrote:

“Be smart enough to know you need it”

As a computer nerd, I pride myself on being “smart” enough to avoid all the crapware that comes with my free software…. and yet in the first two months I had Unchecky installed it STILL caught two instances where I was careless and was about to accept various pieces of garbage with my software.


Why you need Unchecky?

1) Everyone wants to block annoying and useless programs bundled to virtually any free download, but few people know about existence of a FREE junkware blocker.

2) Unchecky meets the hottest demand for junkware protection and is highly advised by as the first line of your defence.

3) Unchecky can protect you against trouble and expenses related to junkware removal.


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How Unckecky can protect you against junkware?

Unchecky is installed as Windows service that tracks any installation and automatically removes check marks out of boxes related to bundled junkware. It will warn you on the attempt to install a program that you do not really want to install.

If your firewall and anti-virus let edit Hosts file, then Unchecky would block servers commonly used for junkware installation. This will help to save your web traffic and protect you against programs that use other tricks instead of check boxes set for installing junkware.

Unchecky junkware blocker - main screen

How to use Unckecky for blocking ads, toolbars, and other junkware?

Anyone can use Unckecky. It is install and forget application. After you install this junkware blocker, it automatically sets Windows service ran in a background and started along with your system. Then you can forget about its existance. If you will download and install some stuff from the web, Unchecky will automatically examine this download, remove check marks that belong to bundled junkware, and warn you on the attempt to install suspicious program.

If Unchecky can control your Hosts file, it can block servers used for junkware and malware downloads. If you want to control Unchecky, you can easily turn it off and on by clicking its icon placed in the Windows tray area and by changing basic settings.

Unchecky - custom warning message for junkware detection

Note: You should understand that Unchecky can only block junkware before it is installed. For removing junkware that already infected your computer system you need to use SpyHunter or similar anti-malware software.

Set options for using Unckecky with your antivirus

Unchecky uses Windows Hosts file for blocking known servers that answer calls made by download clients for installing bundled junkware on your computer. Some anti-virus products and firewalls would not let replace your Hosts with a different version without setting permission for the third-party software to take this action. Then, you need to put Unchecky in the list of trusted programs before Hosts file can be used for your protection against junkware.

If you do not know how to edit permissions for your antivirus and firewall, then you can adjust settings for Unchecky and block using Hosts file until you will learn how to make it possible.

Unchecky - advanced settings

Unchecky is released as a beta version. As for today, we did not notice any problems with using Unchecky on personal PC, and it already helped us to block junkware that was bundled to free software found on the web. We hope that Unchecky will save you as well.

Protection against deceptively installed junkware is especially actual during Christmas season when junkware flourish and can threaten someone’s Holidays.

Don’t let them make it.

Free Gift that your friends want to get

Sharing Unchecky doesn’t cost you a penny, but it worth a lot!

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Christmas card for a free junkware blocker

We thank you for saving your friends’ time and money for better things in the world than expensive and desperate struggle with junkware.

Together we stand.


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