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Hello world!

World Wide Web is a wonder of our Age. It is responsible for a revolutionary change in information flow that goes beyond wildest dreams that our elders could have when they were young.

Though, any coin has two sides. Now, we can notice that web is clattered with different sorts of information, and the time we spend for finding a right one is a noticeable part of our lives.

Moreover, our search puts us at risk of walking to a wrong place and getting our computers infected with malicious and unwanted programs that are hard to detect and remove.

  • Do you feel secure while browsing the web?
  • Are you sure that nobody is spying on you against you?
  • Can you always be confident of the information that you found?

Barely one would answer “yes” to these questions. Web is a jungle where all sorts of predators and victims meet together.

This site is related to computer security and to your protection against cyber criminals and scams. I hope it will help you to find and remove malicious and dangerous programs. I hope it will help you to find a right source of information that is precise and laconic. I am looking for this since fighting cyber crime is my profession, and my goal is to save your time for enjoying precious moments of your life instead of swallowing clatter and getting confused.

Truly yours,
Malware Detective

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