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One More Click for Adware Protection

Adware is one of the most annoying things. Ads, that crowd in your web browser, or a strange search engine, that suddenly replaced your favorite one, is not what you want when you install or update computer programs.

How can you protect yourself against adware infection and unwanted programs deceptively installed on your computer?

The answer is often very simple. You just need to take one more look and make one more click before pushing buttons that start installation process.

Here is a sample of newest Java update that comes bundled with Ask Toolbar for your web browser.

Java Update bundled with Ask Toolbar

Do you know what this Browser Add-on from Ask is? Probably you don’t. But would you expect to get something malicious from Oracle?

If you cannot give a positive answer to just ONE of this questions, then do not click “Next” button before you disable additional program installation.

There is a catch that helps to install programs that bring some profit to a distributor. Unfortunately, such programs often belong to adware that bring frustration to computer users. If you want to remove adware later on, do not expect that it is as easy as removing other Windows programs.

Here, the offer from Oracle is original one, and Ask toolbar is not the worst of potentially unwanted programs. However, there are a lot of rogue Java updates spread by malicious websites that profit on adware distribution and use trusted names for deception. Think before you act.

If you want to learn more about the offer, click on “Privacy Policy” and read carefully.
Would you? It’s boring.

I never do this because I know that most of bundled software accompanied by “Privacy Policy” belong to potentially unwanted programs that can compromise my security and privacy.

Careful look at this offer gives you idea about Ask tool bar that offers to replace your current search provider and homepage. If it is not what you want, then disable these options, or make one click to reject this offer. This click will save you from potential trouble.

Safe Java Update

Now, you can safely push the “Next” button for Java update and avoid installing additional program that you do not need. Make sure that the offer of Java update is original one and not the one that pops up when you visit some website. This will help to protect your security and privacy.


How to Protect Your Computer against Adware?

Protection consists of your effort and service that anti-malware software can deliver. Adware bundling is wide-spread, and you have to be prepared and protected.

Pay attention while installing free programs from the web because it is the most reliable way of prevention adware infection. Read labels placed near marked check boxes and disable suspicious or unknown items offered for optional installation. If there are two options for installation – “typical” and “custom“, or similar, always choose “custom”, check the list of installed components, and disable suspicious items. Buttons “accept” and “reject” are signs of bundled program presence. Click “reject” unless you know what a bundled free program is.

Use anti-malware software for protection. Legitimate adware programs are not considered to be a threat similar to viruses, and anti-virus software often do not block legitimate programs related to advertising. Anti-malware software is specially developed for this purpose. It blocks potentially harmful software and warns you on adware activities detected on your computer.

If you follow safe practices and use special software that blocks and removes malware, then your computer will be protected. SpyHunter offers you real-time malware protection, free professional removal support, reliable malware detection, and clean malware removal. Take a free malware scan and see what threats reside on your computer.

One click can help you to protect your security and privacy.

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