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Privacy Policy

This website is dedicated to computer security and protecting user’s privacy. We do not collect any personal information and do not use it in any way.

Information Collected by Web Browsers

Web browsers might store some technical information such as internet protocol, IP, browser info, time log and pages that were visited. None of this information can be used to personally identify you. This information is tracked only for routine maintenance.


We do not use any cookies with this website. Some cookies might be left by third parties and Google Analytics routine used to separate unique and coming back visitors, identify visitor’s country for analytics reports, and measure time spend on each of website pages. There is no tracking for any personal information. Tracking used by third parties is regulated by their own privacy policies.

Your Privacy Control

If you have some privacy concerns, then you can change your browser’s settings to disable cookies for some particular websites. Websites dedicated to sales and promotion often use cookies for tracking your web browsing and running personal advertising and promotion campaings tailored to your web browsing history.

Disabling cookies for all websites is not recommended since it may interfere with your user’s experience.¬†Cookies are generally used to store the information about your registration status and your preferences related to a website. As an example, cookies help to identify you as a new visitor or a member and serve appropriate from and pages limited to your membership.

Contact Information

If you contact us, non of your personal information is collected. This website is not involved in any kind of email marketing, and there is no reason for us to store and use visitor’s personal information. Fill free to contact us on issues that might rise your privacy concerns in relation to this website.

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