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PUBLIC WARNING! is not a part of and is not related to this website in any way besides stealling our content and infringing on our copyright. If you have any complaint about, please address it to the site owner and not to us.



Placed on October 27, 2015

We noticed that website “” uses our copyrighted content despite of the notice placed below each of our posts. It clearly states that reserves all rights for the content to itself.


1) We can only treat such violation as an effort of riding on our success and damaging our reputation.
2) We cannot limit our actions to only DMCA complaint, the request to a server provider for blocking this website, and other similar steps.

However, we understand that this copyright violation might be destructive to the effort of the owner of “” to help other people, and we give him/her a chance to willingly correct the issue before all appropriate action are taken and the legal suite for this copyright violation and appliable damages is filed.


Authors Note:

I am tired of seeing my content being stolen and messing with various actions that will stop copyright infringement after the violator got all the benefits, and I got only the trouble of an attempt to stop this lazy man or woman from taking illegal but profitable shortcuts in the space that we call Internet.

My name is Alexander. I am not Great, but I will do what he definitely would – cut the Gordian knot. From now on, any violation of my copyright will be accompanied by the similar public notice, and I believe that it is the only effective way to stop crooks from riding on someone’s work.

If you owe a site or blog, you may be familiar with all the trouble of protecting your content against theft. The thief has all the benefits from the infringement while you are wasting your time and effort and money for protecting your legal right. Say “no more” to this injustice and follow me. By making any violation public we can effectively protect our right to spend our time only for public benefits and not wasting it for fighting thieves and riders.

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