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How to uninstall adware, browser hijackers, toolbars, redirect viruses, and other potentially unwanted programs

How to Uninstall InMotion Search?

In Motion Search adware

InMotion Search is a free application offerrf as a browsing tool and used for advertising that helps to make money out of your clicks. Usually, InMotion Search appears in your web browser unexpectedly. It happens if you installed some freeware and failed to block this optional browser modification. It is not malicious, but InMotion Search […]

How to Uninstall LoginMyEmail?

Login My Email adware

LoginMyEmail is a freeware for accessing email. It is set as a new tab in your Chrome and displays some ads. LoginMyEmail is not malicious; it is classified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is often deceptively installed with other freware. Adware programs offer some useful functions for attracting computer users. Then, ads help […]

How to Uninstall HuntQuery Search? search

HuntQuery Search is a freeware offered as a better tool for your browsing. It is not malicious, but this application is often deceptively installed. Unwanted installation is annoying, and for this reason HuntQuery Search is classified as a potentially unwanted program and extension installed in your Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers. Adware is usually […]

How to Uninstall GreatSocialTab?

GreatSocialTab adware

GreatSocialTab is a free application that offers you to find friends, stores, websites, and media in one click. However, ads by GreatSocialTab will appear in your web browsers also. This adware related application is classified as a potentially unwanted program because it is often deceptively installed with other freeware by a download client that sets […]

How to Uninstall ArcadeTropics?

ArcadeTropics adware

ArcadeTropics is a free application that promotes various games and things that are related. However, this program is also used for displaying ads in your web browsers. This kind of software is often bundled and distributed with free programs, and it is automatically installed in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The installation process for […]

How to Uninstall search usually appears in your browser unexpectedly after you installed some freeware. It is bundled and automatically installed if you forget to block optional programs offered with a needed one. is offered as an optional search engine that replaces search engine in your Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. is classified as potentially unwanted […]

How to Uninstall Moccini?

Moccini adware

Moccini is offered as a widget that presents a new way for your browsing and sharing. This application and related browser extensions are classified as potentially unwanted programs. Moccini is often deceptively installed with other freeware from websites that use bundling and making some income for adware distribution. Adware is developed for displaying ads in […]

How to Uninstall search is one of search engines that are deceptively installed with other freeware. It is used for advertising and helps to promote business partners. Components of are installed on your computer as a program and web browser extensions or add-ons. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are infected with redirect after you […]

How to Uninstall YayZap Games?

Yayzap Games adware

YayZap is a freeware that offers varios computer games. It is not malicious but used for displaying ads in web browsers, and this adware is often deceptively installed with other free programs or updates. Adware bundled with YayZap tracks your browsing and can compromise your security and privacy. Cyber criminals use games for activities that […]

How to Uninstall is a custom search engine that offers to access video content. However, it is used for displaying ads and link promotion. is often deceptively installed with other freeware. Chrome and other browsers hijacked by this extension redirect your new tab settings to While this activity related to advertising is not malicious, it […]

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