Malware Removal & Advanced PC Protection

Remove Programs that Show Ads, Coupons, and Deals in your Web Browser

Some programs are deceptively installed on your computer when you download free programs or updates. Most of these programs belong to adware and display ads, coupons, deals, and annoying pop-up messages in your web browsers.

Look at the list of adware below and remove any of these programs if you find it installed on your computer or present in your web browser. Adware removal is simple, but computer users often do not know how to remove malicious browser extension add-on, and BHO (browser helper object) installed in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Browser specific adware removal guides listed below will help you to remove malicious programs and web browser extensions.


List of Adware Applications and Browser Extensions

These programs belong to adware – the software responsible for ads, coupons, deals, pop-up messages, and other advertising displayed in your web browsers. It is better to remove such programs for your security and privacy. While these programs are not malicious, any one presents some certain threats, spies on you, and wastes your web traffic.

123HD-Ready, 1ClickDownloader, 5StarDeals, 5StarCoupon


AccelerateTab, Accelimize, Ace Race, ActivePlayer, Actual Click Shopping, Ad Blaster, Ad Expert Browser, Adanak, Adblocker, AdChoices, Addict Thing, AdFreeApp, Adinfo, Ads Remover, Aducky, Aducky, AdvanceElite, AdvanceMark, AdvanceMark, Advertising Support, AdWorld, Air Globe, Alawar, Albrechto, AlgoChord, AllCheapPrice, AllDaySavings, AlleyBrowse, Allgenius, Allstar Adblocker, AnswerGrab, Any Angle, App Bud, App Graffiti, AppEnable, Applon, AppsHat, AppSuper, AppToU, ApptoU, ArcadeCake, Arcade Frontier, Arcade Frontier, Arcade Giant, Arcade Giant, ArcadeHall, Arcade Parlor, Arcade Safari, Arcade Twist, Assist Point, Astro Arcade, Atomic Savings, AtuZi, AutoCouponMaker, AutoSale


Babylon, Back to Back, Banana Phone, Bandoomed, Barnyard Deals, Barrybesearch, BaseFlash, BatBrowse, BBQLeads, BeatTool, Bee-Coupons, BeepieBear, Bellaphant, Be-Markable, Best Offers, BestDiscountApp, BestMarkit, BestOnlineDeals, BestPricesApp, Best Price Ninja, BestSaveForYou, Best Video Converter, Best YouTube Downloader, BestDealWiz, Beta Rez, Better Brain, BetterBrowse, BetterBuys, BetterDeals, BetterDeals, BetterEnhance, BetterMarkit, BetterOnlineDeals, BetterSurf, Between Lines, BiggestDeals, BitGuard, BitSaver, Bizzybolt, BlackLister, Blarble, Blasteroids, Blazer Deals, BlindBat, BlockAd App, BlockAndSurf, Blockeru, BlockIt, BlockIt Ad Remover, BlueSprig, BlueStacks, BoBrowser, BobyLyrics, Boby Zoom, Bomlabio, Bonanza, Boost, BoostWeb App, BooZaka, Box Rock, Box Green, Boxed Books, BrandProfiles, Brass Search, Breaking News Alert, BringStar, Brown Bark, Browse Camo, Browse for the Cause, Browse Pax, Browse Pulse, Browse Secure, Browse to Save, BrowseBeyond, Browsebit, BrowseBurst, BrowseDen, BrowseFox, BrowseGuard, BrowseMark, BrowsePro, Browser App, Browser Gloss, Browser Good, Browser Guardian, Browser Hero, Browser Nail, Browser Protect, Browser Safeguard, Browser Shop, BrowseStudio, BrowserAdditions, BrowserKeeper, BrowserSecurity, BrowserSynk, BrowserWatchdog, Browser Warden, BrowseSmart, Browsing Safeguard, BrowsIt AdFree, BrowzBi, Bubble Dock, Buy4Less, BuyNSave, Buzzdock, BuzzSearch, BuzzSurfing, BuzzWords, Byte Label


Cantataweb, CantMiss Coupons, Caramava, Cartwheel Shopping, CasinoRewards, Cash ‘n Back, Celebrity Alert, Champion Deals, Charm Savings, Chart Choosing, CheapCoupon, CheapMe, Cheapster, Checked List, CheckmeUp, Ciuvo, Clean Browse, ClearSavings, ClearThink, Clever Search, ClickCaption, Click-n-Mark, ClickSave, ClickToSavings, ClingClang, Clock Hand, CloudDesktop, CloudGuard, CMMovies, CocoChaos, CodecEX, Com Notification, Comet Arcade, Common Dots, CommonShare, CompareNByu, CompareToOptimize, ComparingGenie, Computer Chair, Computer Pal, ConceptTool, Conduit Apps, ConstaSurf, Content Accelerator, ContentExplorer, ContinueToSave, ControlThis, ConvertAd, ConverterFreeOnline, Cooking Up Coupons, CoolPic, CoolSaleCoupon, CoolSurfing, CostMin, CoupApp, Coupon Addon, Coupon Alert, Coupon Amazing, Coupon Blaster, Coupon Buddy, Coupon Cactus, Coupon Caddy, Coupon Champ, Coupon Champion, Coupon Chaser, Coupon Clipster, Coupon Companion, Coupon Crusher, Coupon Downloader, Coupon Drop In, Coupon Genie, Coupon Genies, Coupon Insider, Coupon Navigator, Coupon Pigeon, Coupon Printer, Coupon Samurai, Coupon Signal, CouponSeek, Coupon Scout, Coupon Server, Coupon Slider, Coupon WaterFall, Couponarific, Couponarific, CouponBar, CouponBuilder, CouponBuster, CouponDownloader, CouponDropDown, CouponEX, CouponFactor, CouponFactory, Couponing Thing, CouponIOS, CouponLasso, CouponLocker, CouponMaker, CouponMarvel, CouponMatcher, CouponMeApp, CouponMonkey, CouponPeak, CouponPeak, CouponScanner, Coupons Free, CouponsMaker, CouponTime, Coupoon, CrankWeb, CrazyCoupon, Crazy Score, Crimsolite, Crossrider, Crush Arcade, Curent Weather Alert, CutThePrice, Cyclon Gems, Cyti Web


Daily Deal Shopper, Daring Deals, DCLocknet, Deal Barium, DealCola, Deal Boat Coupons, Deal Dropper, Deal Finder, Dealicious, Deal Offer , Deal Vault, Deal2Dealit, Deal4Real, DealBrowsing, DealCabby, DealCoaster, DealDropDown, DealEXpress, DealFairy, Deal-Fox, DealLook , DealPeak, DealPeak, DealPly, Deals Add-on, Deals App, Deals Avenue, Deals Cabin, Deals Plugin, Deals4Me, DealsFactor, DealsFInderPro, DealsFox, DealShopSave, DealSpy, Deal-Vault, Dealz, DeamDeal, Deja Data, Deeal, DeepDyve, DeleteAd, Delve, Desk 365, DesktopDock, Desktop Recipie, Diamondata, DictAddon, Dig Deep, DigiCoupon, Digi Docket, DigiSaver, DigiHelp, Digital More, Dingo Deals, Disasteroids, Discount Buddy, Discount Dragon, Discount Frenzy, DiscountApp, DiscountCow, DiscountLocator, DiscountPlace, DiscountTime, DiscountWizard, Disturbicons, DiVapton, DizzyDing, Dollar Dream, Dolphin Deals, DomaIQ, Donkick, DonutQuotes, DoughGo, DownChecker, DownLite DownloadManager, Download n’Save, Download Savings, Download Savings, DownloadKeeper, DownloadTerms, DownLow, DownPriceApp, DownQuick, DownTango, DP-0000, Dragon Branch, DragonCoupons, Dream Deals, DropinSavings, DropIntoDeals, Dynamo Combo


EasyDiscountPro, EasyShop, EasyToShop, EasyStore, Eazy Zoom, eDeals, eDealPop, Edu App, ElevenInstall, Email Tracker, EnhanceEmpire, EnhanceSoft, EnhanceTronic, EnjoyCoupon, EnterDigital, EpicPlay, Epic War 2, Esuack, Excellent Coupons, Express Find, ExtraMacDeal, ExtraSavings, ExtraShopper, Extreme Blocker, Extreme ShoppStop, Eye Perform, EzDownloader Pro


FabulousDiscounts, Fact Fire, Fake Java Update, Fanhoosh, Farm Frenzy 2, FashionLifeApp, Fassurun, Fast And Safe, Faster Light, FastMedia Converter, Fast-Search, FB Photo Zoom, FBDownloader, Feven, Filteligent, Filter Results, Finance Alert, FindADeal, FindBestDeal, FindMe Savings, FindMeFreebies, Find-Me-Savings, Findopolis, FindRight, FineDealSoft, First Color, FiveInstall, FlashCoupon, FlashGame Deluxe, Flash Games Rockstar, Flash-Savings, FlexibleShopper, FlippyRoo, FloorPrice, Flying Deals, Focusbase, Follow Rules, Forever Net, Fortunitas, Four Finders, FoxSales, FoxyDeal, FoxyLyrics, Foxtab, Fragile Fixer, FraLimbo, Framed Display, Free Games 111, Free Ride Games, Free Video Grabber, Free Weather Help, Free YouTube Downloader, Free4Web, FreeSoftToday, Fresh Outlook, Friday Frenzy, Fruit Basket, FT Downloader, FullHouse AdsBlocker, Fun2Save, FunDeals, FunkLyrics, FussionPlayer


Game 321, Games Desktop, GameHug, GameGogle, Gameo, GameoApp, Games Desktop, Gaming Candy, Gate Snapper, GearScroll, GenesisOffers, Genius Box, GeniusCoupon, Gerbillio, GetDeal, GetDiscountApp, GetSavin, GetTheDiscount, Getting Aps, Ciant Galaxy, Giant Savings, GigaClicks Crawler, Gigantic Savings, Ginyas Companion, Girafarri , Give4sure, Glass Bottle, Glindorus, Global Gadget, Glomatron, GoCheapR, Goinggo, GoForFiles, GoldShops, GoodDeals, Gooternet, GooterNet, GoPhoto.It, GorillaPrice, GoSaveNow, GotClip, GrabRez, GrassMow, Gravity Space, Great Arcade Hits, GreatCouponApp, Great Find, GreatSave4u, GreatSaver, GreatSaver, GreatSaving, Greener Web, GreyGray Deals, GRIDMonetize, GrooveDock, GSave<, GuardedWeb/strong>


Happy2Save, Hard Case, Harvest Savings, HasBrowse, Hatchiho, HD-Plus, HDtube, HDQPlayer, Health Alert, Help Save, Heroic Play, Higher Aurum, Highlightly, Highlightly, HighliteApp, Hit the Light, Hit-Buzz, Hoolapp, Hold Page, Hoopla Games, Hot Deals, HQTotalS, H-Quality, HulaToo, HypeNet, Hyper Browser


Icarus, iDeals, IddleCrawler, Illoxum, ImageMagic, IneedSpeed, InfiniNet, Infonaut, Info Seeker, Info Trigger, InfoSeeker, Information Cloud, Information Vent, InnoApp, Insider Deals, Insta Share, Intelli Term, Intense Results, InterenetOptimize, Internet Blast, Internet Quick Access, InterStat, InterYield, InterYield, IRobinHood, ISaver, IShopLess, iShopper, iToolBox, Itsarealdeal, iTubeDownload, IWebar, iWinGames


Jazzed Saving, Jewel Quest, JollyWallet, JoniCoupon, Joomiweb, Jotzey, Jump Flip, Jungle Net, JustPlugIt


Karatoh, Kasimos, KellysToys, Keep Now, KeepNbrowse, Key Coupons, KeyLimeLizard, King Translate, KingBrowse, King Coupon, KingThink, Klip Pal, KNCTR, Knowledge Gains, Kozaka, Krab Web


LaFlurla, LampyLighty, Larparus, LeapSense, Learn 2 Fly 2, LemurLeap, LessTabs, LessToPay, Level Quality Watcher, Lighting-Savings, Lightning SpeedDial, Lights Off, Linkey, LinkiDoo, LinkSicle, LinkSwift, LinkWiz, LionSales, LionShopper, Lite Web, LittleApp Suggestor, LittleWeaver, LiveFinancially, LiveiStream, LiveLyrics, LiveSupport, Lizardlink, LizardSales, LocalMoxie, Local Temperature, Loffinam, Lollipop, Looka Deal, LowerPrice, LookForIt, LookingLink, Looking for Travels, LookSafe, LookThisUp, LuckyCoupon, LuckyLeap, Lucky Tab, Lucky Shopper, Lyrics Fan, LyricsBot, LyricsFriend, LyricsGet, LyricsKid, LyricsPal, LyricsShow, Lyrmix


Mac4Coupon, MacDiscount, MacFreeDeals, MacGlobalDeals, MacITHappen, Macitnow, MacSaleApp, MacSave, MacShop, MacSmart, MacSpend, MacZilla, Magentic, Magic Ball, MagnoPlayer, Mahjong World Contest, Mainonta, Majestic Coupons, Majestic Savings, MaltMark, Market Research Help, MarketResearchHelper, MarkKit, Masponi, Matinooch, Maucampo, Max Start Toolbar, MaxPerforma Optimizer, MCShop, Media Buzz, Media Play AIR Plus, Media View, Media Watch, MediaGet Toolbar, Mega Browse, Melondrea, Metal Maker, Middle Pages, Mini AdBlocker, MintCastNetworks, Mobeema, Mobius Radio, Mobogenie, Mokiray, Monarimo, Monetomi, MonsterMarketplace, Mood Tube, MossNet, MovieDea, MovieMaster, MovieMode, MVPlayer, My Coupon Buddy, MyBestOffersToday, MyClip-HD, MyCoups, MyLoginBox, MyOneSearch, MySafeProxy, MySearch, MyShopper, MySoftToday, MyTube Theater


Nav-Links, NCoupon, NetCoupon, Netcrawl, Netgranule, NetoCoupon, NetTock, Neurowise, NewPlayer, NewSaver, NextCoup, NextCoup, Neon Great, New App, Newer Version, NiceDeal, NinjaSavings, NinjaVOD, NoMore Ads, NorPalla, NoProblem, Number Ascend


Obrona VPN, Obrona BlockAds, Offer Boulevard, OfferBox, Offercrowd, OfferDeal, OfferMosquito, Offers4U, OffersWizard, OkiiTan, OkitSpace, Olacarita, OMGMusic Plus, OneAppPerDay, OneMoreGame, Online Weather, OnlineHD TV, On Stage, OptimizeBuy, OptiShopper, Optitroy, OptOn, OtShot, Outfox TV, OutoBox


PacFunction, PalMall, PaceItApp, PaceItUp, Package Return, PassShow, PassWidget, PassWizard, PasswordAssistant, PastaLeads, PathMaxx, PaylessWizard, PayYou, PC Doctor, PC_Booster, PC_Sustainer, PennyBee, Perfect Navigator, PerformWeb App, Phone Support Dock, PicRec, PineApple AdBlocker, Pine Tree, Pirrit Suggestor, Platamoose, Play Now Radio, PlayFizz, Playzy, Plugster, PlumoWeb, PlurPush, Plus-HD, Plus-HighD, PlusVid, Pluto.TV, PodoWeb, Popcornew, PopDeals, PopToTop, PortalMore, Positive Finds, PowerfulBrowse, PredictAd, Presto Savings, Price Clip, Price Companion, Price Defend, Price Downloader, Price Expert, Price Finder, Price Slayer, PriceBlink, PriceChop, PriceChomper, PriceCongress, PriceDetect, PriceFab, PriceFountain, PriceGong, Price-Hipo, Price-Hero, PriceHorse, PriceKeaper, Priceless, Pricemeter, PriceMinus, PricePeep, Price-Slicer, PriceSparrow, PriceWagon, PriceZilla, Pricora, PrinceCoupon, Primary Result, PrivateMacDeals, PrizeCoupon, ProductivityPro, ProShopper, Protect Surf, ProtectedSurf, ProVideoDownloader, PsdChecker, PufferMind, PureLeads, PursuePoint


Qualitink, QuantumLook, QueenCoupon, QuickCoup, QuickLink, QuickSearch, QuickShare, QuiKnowledge, QWebber, QwikLinx


Rad Rater, Rad Raven, RadSteroids, RaidCall, RapidCheck, RapidCoupon, RambleRoam, RandomDealApp, RandomPrice, RankRomp, RapidFinda, RapidUp, Raving Reyven, Rcoupon, RebateInformer, RebateRobot, Record Checker, Red Adblocker, RedConverter, ReferenceBoss, Regular Deals, ReMarkable, Remarkit, RemoveAd, Reprice, Results Alpha, ResultsBay, RevenueHits, Reverse Page, RichMedia View, RightCoupon, RightDeals, RightSaver, RightSurf, Rinkela, Roaming Rate, RoboSaver, Rocket Downloader, Rocket Tab, RocketCoupon, RockResult, RockTurner, Roll Around, Rolimno, RopeInSales, RopeInSavings, Round World, RoyalCoupon, RoyalShopperApp, RRSavings


Sad Cloud, Safe Browse App, Safe Samurai, Safe Saver, SafeFinder, SafeMonitor, SaferSurf, Safer-Surfer, Safe Web, SaferWeb, Sale Charger, Sale Clipper, Sale Deals, Sale Slider, SaleBuilder, SaleCoupon, SaleItCoupon, SaleItMac, SaleMaker, SalePlus, SaleSlider, SalesChecker, SalesMagnet, SalesPrize, SaleZ, SaltarSmart, Save As Deal Finder, Save Clicker, Save Valet, SaveBox, SaveByClick, SaveByClick, SaveDaily Deals, SaveForFun, SaveForYou, SaveInShop, SaveItCoupons, SaveITKeep, SaveKeep, SaveLots, SaveNet, SaverNet, SaveNShare, SaveOn, SaveOnMe, SavePass, Saver Pro, SaverAddon, SaverBox, SaverNet, SaverON, SaveSaler, SaveSaler, SaveSense, Save Serp Now, SaveTogo, Savingsarific, Saving Zapper, SavingCollector, Savings Addon, Savings Assistant, Savings Avenger, Savings Avenger, Savings Bull, Savings Champion, Savings Downloader, Savings Explorer, Savings Scout, Savings Season, Savings Ship, Savings Sidekick, Savings Slider, Savings Vault, Savings Wave, Savings Wizard, SavingsAddon, SavingsApp, Savingsarific, SavingsHen, Savings-Hero, SavingsHunter, SavingsMachine, SavingsMagnet, Savings-Shield, SavingToYou, Savinshop, Savinshop, Savvy Suggestor, ScanTack, Score Escape, Scorpion Saver, SCouponS, Screen Boost, Screen Flip, Sea App, Search Assist, Search Assistant, Search Deals, Search Defense, Search Donkey, Search Enhance, Search Fairy, SearchFin, SearchFoot, Search Snacks, Search Vortex, SearchaDence, SearchAssist, SearchFoot, SearchFort, SearchHighlighter, SearchLock, SearchMaven, SearchNSave, Secret Sauce, SecureSave, Security Alert, Select-Better, SelectionLinks, Select-N-Assist, SelectNGo, SelectGo, Sendori, Sense, SerialTrunc, Sexy TubeMode, Shamanul, Share Anything, Share This, ShareIt All, SharkManCoupon, SharkShopper, Sharp Angle, Sharp Savings, ShieldMe, Shieldren, Shop Easy, Shop For Rewards, Shop to Win, Shop4U, ShopBrain, ShopDiscounts, ShopDrop, Shopperz, ShopGlider, ShopHelper, ShopInMac, ShopItFast, ShopMoreApp, ShopNCompare, Shopndrop, Shopop, Shopper For Torch, ShopperMaster, ShopperPremium, Shopper-Pro, Shopperz, Shopping Assistant, ShoppingAdd-on, Shopping Bag App, ShoppingBuddy, ShoppingChip, ShoppinGate, Shopping Fever, ShoppingOn, Shopping Sidekick, Shopping Suggestion, ShoppingHelper Smartbar, Shopymate, ShopSafer, ShopSaveMe, Shop Time, Shop-wit, Shopzone, Shopzy, SideTerms, SilverCoupon, Simple For You, SingAlong, SiteSimple, SizlSearch, Ski Search, SkySaver, SkyMonk, SkyTech, SkyWebber, SlamdunkSavings, Slick Savings, SlickSignet, Sliding Coupons, Sliding Sales, Smart Suggestor, SmartCompare, SmartCoupon, SmarterPower, SmartMedia Converter, Smartones, SmartOfferDisplay, SmartSaver, SmartSaver Plus, Smart Shopper, Smart Wallet, SmartWeb, SmartWeb, SmileFiles, SmoothBrowse, SmootherWeb, SnapMyScreen, SnipSmart, Sockshare Downloader, SoftCoup, Software Refresher, Software Updater, Solid Savings, SolteraTop, Solution Real, Somoto, SourceApp, Sonic Search, SpadeCast, Spark Cast, Special Offers, SpecialSavings, Speed Browser, SpeedChecker, SpeedGuard, SpeedItup, Speedly, SpeedSave, SpeedyStreamer, SpeedTray, SpikeDeals, Spring Smart, Spy Alert, Spy Guard, Spy Scout, SpyLookout, Square Corner, SquareTrace, Squirrel Web, Stairway to Savings, StartSavin, Steel Cut, Storimbo, Storm Alert, Storm Alerts, StormVade, Strong Signal, StormWatch, Sudoku Latin Squares, SugarSearch, SunriseBrowse, Super Words, SuperInText, SuperManCoupon, Super Click, Super-Price, SuperText, Supra Savings, Supreme AdBlocker, Supreme Savings, Supreme Shopper, Surf andKeep, Surf Canyon, Surf Safely, Surf Safer, Surf Speed Monitor, Surf to Save, SurfEnhance, Surftastic, Surprise Savings, SushiLeads, SysPlayer, SW_Booster, SW_Sustainer, SweetCoupon, SweetIM, SweetPCFix, Sweet Surprise Slots, SwiftBrowse, SwiftCoupon, Swift Record, Swiki, SwizzleBiz, SySaver, System Checker, System Streaming Booster


Tanzuki, TasticSurf, Techgile, Term Blazer, Term Tutor, TessView, Text Enhance, The Surf Shield, TheAdBlock, TheAdBlocker, TheAnswerFinder, Theater-Max, TheaterMode, TheBlocker, The Count, The Results Hub, TheTubeKit , ThisCounts, Thirteen Degrees, Thug Tracker, TicTaCoupon, Tidy Network, Tiger Savings, Tiny DownloadManager, TinyWallet, ToggleMark, ToggleMark, TopArcadeHits, TopBuyer, Top Deal Master, Topic Torch, ToppyPop , Top-That , TornTV, Torrent Search, Tortuga Browser, TowerTilt, TPerfectCoupon, Traxxen, Trends Genius, Triple Pose, Trolatunt, TronTizer, Tronzolo, Trunk of Savings, Trusted Saver, Trusted Web, TrusteDealz, TrustedShopper, Ttessab, TTInline, Tube Dimmer, Tuneup Pro, TV Time, TV Wizard, TVGenie


UFXMarkets, Ultra Downloads Notifier, UltraCoupon, ULyrics, Unfollow Alert, Unfriend Alert App, Unfriend List, Unfriend Monitor, Unfriend Review, Unfriend Watch, UniCoupon, Unico Browser, UniDeals, Unisales, UpperFind, Useful Program Adware


Value Apps, Vaudix, V-Bates Shopper, VeberGreat, VeeHD Plugin, VeriBrowse, VeriBrowse, VerifiedVPN, Vid Adblock, Vid Saver, VideoDimmer, VideoFox, VideoHDHelper, VideoSaver, VidiTool, ViewPassword, ViewPlay, View-That, ViperOut, Viplayer, VisualIM, VisualMatch, VO Package , VPNPrivate, VuuPC


Wajam, Waleisa, Walermis, WalletBee, Wander Burst, WatchItNo, Water Plant, WBSvCouponApp, Weather Tool, Web Amplified, Web Bar, WebDiscover, Web Flipper, Web Frog, Web Safeguard, Web Results, Web Saver, Web Security App, Web SecurityKeeper, Web Shield, WebSmart App, Web Waltz, WebAdSystem, Webafan, Webbelse, WebCake, WebConnect, WebEnhance, Webexp Enhanced, Webfuii, WebGet, Web Guard, WebLayers, WebMonitor, WebPlat, WebPorpoise, WebProtect, Webrunn, WebSearch Toolbar, WebSpades, WebSparkle, Websteroids, WebTouch, Web Tripp, Web Watch, Web Zoom, WebSparkle, WebSpeed, WeDownload, weDownloadManager, WeekApp, WeSaver4U, Whilokii, WiFi Protector, WildWestCoupon, Win Guard, Win Security, WinDealist, Window Results, Window Web, Winner DownloadManager, WinSpeeder, WinToFlash Suggestor, WiseEnhance, Wisen Wizard, Wooden, Seal, WonderBrowse, WordAnchor, Wordfly, Wordinator App, Word Proser, Word Shark, Word Surfer, Words Display, Worldwide Web Research, WorldWideCoupon, WowCoupon, Write Results, WSE Rocket, WunderWeb, WxSaler


Xaven, Xvidly


Yappyz, Yawtix, Yeldmanager, Yellow AdBlocker, YellowMoxie, YontooLayers Client, You-Bar, YourAdXchange, YouShopping, Your Software Deals, YouTube Accelerator, YoutubeAdBlocker, YoutubeBookmark, YoutubeGizmos, YsearchService, YTBlockerApp, Yula


Zammillo, Zap Tilla, ZenDeals, Ziftr, Zippy Zarp, Zombie Alert, ZombieInvasion, ZoneTrek, Zoome, Zoome Zoome, Zoom Downloader, ZoomCheck, ZoomEx, ZoomifyApp, ZoomPic, Zorable, Zula Games

Note: While this list is huge, it cannot cover all adware programs and be updated as soon as a new one appears. If you want to find any program that displays ads and coupons in your web browser, then download a free malware scanner that will provide you with actual and detailed information about bad programs found on your computer. This information helps to manually remove infected files and registry keys. You can use this software for automated removal. It comes with professional support and helps to protect your system against future infections.


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