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How to Remove from Mozilla Firefox? search engine gets in your Firefox via browser hijacker that comes with freeware. It installs add-on for Firefox and replaces your search engine and homepage with a different search page used for promotion. If you want to remove from Firefox, then you have to remove this add-on and restore your favorite homepage and search engine. hijacker


Manual Virus Removal

You have two basic options for removing Virus from your Firefox browser manually. The first one takes more steps. However, it allows you to save useful browser extensions, bookmarks, and your custom settings and preferences. The second option will force your web browser to return to its default conditions and remove every single addition made to Firefox by you or someone else.

Automated Virus Removal

The third option: Instead of resorting to manual operations needed for removing Virus you can use SpyHunter’s Virus Removal Tool and get free professional support that helps to make everything in a right way and fix problems. It also can protect your computer against malware.

This software will help you to get rid of other malware that might reside on your computer along with Virus hijacker. Detailed information about infections found on your computer is free and very helpful for those who prefer to remove Virus manually.

Important: Before you start to manually fix your Firefox browser, you have to manually download a free anti-malware scanner and let it scan your computer for other malicious and generally unwanted commercial programs. Then you will know what else you need to remove. This security software provides you with detailed information helpful for manual malware removal and offers many various options for system protection. As compared to your antivirus, it is extended to protect your computer against legitimate commercial products similar to Virus.


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