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How to Remove Sonic Train Ads from Google Chrome?

Sonic Train ads infect your Chrome after you installed this application or got it deceptively installed with another freeware download. This program for advertising is offered as optional by websites that distribute free programs and bundle them with adware for makin money paid by promoters. Such practice is wide-spread today, and it is easy to get your Chrome infected if you failed to block Sonic Train optional installation. Besides executable for this adware installed on your computer, it is also installed as an extension in your web browser, and if you want to get rid of ads displayed by Sonic Train in your Chrome, then use the following removal instructions and make all necessary steps that are needed for removing Sonic Train adware from your computer and other web browsers.

Sonic Train adware

Automated Sonic Train Removal

Sonic Train Removal Tool uses an advanced malware scanner that finds components of Sonic Train and other infections. The report is very detailed and you can remove these components manually. If you opt for automated removal, then you will have a real-time protection against malware and professional support for malware removal offered with SpyHunter.

Manual Sonic Train Removal

You have two options if you want to remove Sonic Train from Google Chrome manually. The first option is removing Sonic Train. This allows you to save other useful extensions that you installed by yourself, your bookmarks, and your custom settings. The second option forces your web browser to its original state and can help to remove all adware components that are not completely removed when you remove Sonic Train extension from your web browser. Some of your custom settings and information will be also removed.

Important: If you manually remove Sonic Train from your Chrome, then you have to manually uninstall Sonic Train application installed as a Windows program first. Then you can use this guide for removing Sonic Train extension from your web browser.


Option 1. Remove Sonic Train Extension from Chrome

If you install and use Chrome extensions or set important bookmarks, then use this way because the second one will remove everything. It is better to reset your web browser only if you cannot remove Sonic Train or solve other problems in a different way.

Magical Find Extensions Removal Steps – Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome and click on the “Menu” icon (three bars) located in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on “Settings” in the drop down list.
  3. Click on “Extensions” on the left to display installed Chrome extensions.
  4. Find Sonic Train and click “Delete“.
  5. Restart your browser to complete the process.

Inspect other Chrome extensions and remove any that you didn’t install. If you do not know is extension good or bad, then SpyHunter’s free scanner can help to find this out and detect possible malware infections. If you still have problems with your web browser after Sonic Train and other extensions were removed, then reset your web browser as described below.


Option 2. Remove Sonic Train from Chrome by Reset

Use reset only if you are forced to use it. It removes everything, and you will loose passwords, bookmarks and other information stored in your Chrome. This way helps to remove all adware extensions along with Sonic Train, and you can use it if nothing else helps to solve problems in your Chrome.

Reset Chrome for Sonic Train Removal

  1. Start Google Chrome
  2. Click browser Menu button (three bars) placed in the right top corner
  3. Select Settings menu option
  4. Find a link Show advanced settings and click it
  5. Scroll all the way down and click Reset browser settings button
  6. Click Reset to confirm the operation


Important: Adware is often bundled with similar programs and browser hijackers that redirect your search to different web address. Cyber criminals can use bundling for installing malware on your computer.

It is a good idea to download a free anti-malware scanner and let it scan your computer for malware and other dangerous programs like Sonic Train adware. Then you will know what you need to remove. SpyHunter provides detailed information that is helpful for manual removal. It offers many options for system protection and real-time protection that saves your computer against legitimate adware products similar to Sonic Train that conventional antivirus wouldn’t block and remove.

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