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Remove Unwanted Search or a Toolbar from Your Internet Explorer

Rogue search engines and toolbars are spread over the web and used for advertising and promotion. These programs are not always malicious, but promoted links in search results limit search and increase the ammount of irrelevant web sources found in web results. When a toolbar or search page is set, it redirects your favorite search engine and homepage to different places, and this often happens without user’s consent.

If you want to remove unwanted search or a toolbar or a rogue search engine from your Internet Explorer, then you have to use some removal tool or find and remove components manually. The last is more complex than removing other programs because toolbar components are installed in various locations, and the redirect is often protected against changes by special programs or tricks.

Automated and Supported Removal

Automated removal is more safe and efficient. It helps to avoid errors that can compromise integrity of your computer system. Security software removes all malicious programs that it can find on your computer, and this helps to remove bundled, malicious, and potentially unwanted programs used for advertising.

SpyHunter is one of the best products for malware removal and system protection. Its free scanner is very helpful for manual removal, and licensed version let you use all the power of anti-malware protection that it can deliver and free professional support that handles your computer system on a personal basis until any stubborn malware infection is removed.

Manual Removal of an Unwanted Toolbar or Search

Manual removal is not difficult if you know what things should be done. The following guide will help you to remove all typical toolbars and fix web browsers for replacing unwanted homepages and search engines with ones that you want to use. However, it cannot find malicious programs. Use SpyHunter’s free scanner for malware detection instead of figuring out what programs you need to remove. As long as you know the name, you can use this guide and remove components associated with malware name that is easier than removing individual files and registry keys detected by the software manually.


Step 1. Manually Uninstall Toolbar or Search Application


Step 2. Remove Unwanted Extension from Internet Explorer

Look for suspicious add-ons that you didn’t install by yourself. Internet Explorer don’t need add-ons to run. Add-on is a third-party component developed for extending your web browser. Any unknown extension might belong to adware, and you can safely remove it.

Important: Remove toolbar and search extensions from other web browsers installed on your computer. If adware will stay there, then it might appear in your Internet Explorer again when adware or an infected web browser is updated.

If you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, then you need to remove hijacker from Firefox even if you use only Internet Explorer. If Google Chrome is present, then you also need to remove hijacker from Chrome to prevent adware from being repaired during automatic update.


Step 3. Replace Unwanted Search Redirect with Your Preferred Search Engine

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and find “Tools” in the browser menu
  2. Click on “Internet Options
  3. Open “General” tab and find “Change search defaults
  4. Click on “Settings” button.
  5. Select your preferred search provider and click “Set as default” button
  6. Remove unwanted URL address from the list of providers
  7. Restart your browser


Step 4. Replace Unwanted Homepage Redirect with Your Preferred Homepage Address

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and click on “gear” icon to open browser menu
  2. Click on “Internet Options” in the menu list
  3. In the “General” tab find “Home page” and remove unwanted URL address from the input box
  4. Enter you preferred website address, or leave it blank


Step 5(optional). Reset your Internet Explorer if You Still Have Problems

You also can use Windows cleaning utility or CCleaner for removing temporary internet files and cookies.


Step 6. Detect and Remove other Malicious Programs

Cyber criminals can also use adware bundles for spreading spyware that helps to steal your money or your identity. Be aware of such threat and protect you computer and vital information by removing all dangerous programs.

Use a free anti-malware scanner for detecting malicious programs. This security software provides you with detailed information helpful for manual malware removal and offers many various options for system protection.


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