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What is Spyware?

Sample of keylogger spyware

Spyware is software designed for collection of information about computer user and activities ran on a computer controlled by spyware. While “spyware”, as a term, defines computer programs that have to be supposedly malicious, it is not that straight. There is legitimate software designed for surveillance, employer and parental control that is not malicious by […]

What is Browser Hijacker?

Sample of redirected search caused by browser hijacker

Browser Hijacker is software that alters web browser settings and redirects default search engine, browser new tab, and user’s homepage to some different web address commonly used for advertising and promotion. Malicious hijackers are used for spreading malware. Browser hijackers are primarily used for advertising and promotion. Some of browser hijackers are extended with toolbars […]

What is Adware?

Adware sample with coupons popping up

Adware is software primarily designed for advertising. Such software is usually promoted as something attractive to potential users and often is deceptively installed. However, the main purpose of adware is generating profit from users’ clicks on displayed ads and links. Difference between Adware and Advertising Adware is not a synonym for all kinds of advertising […]

What is Malware

Malware is a shortcut for “malicious software”. It defines all the multitude of programs designed for malicious purpose. We often still use “virus” as a synonim of “malware”, and it is not correct because “virus” defines a specific type of malicious program that can replicate itself. On the other hand, as a term, “malware” is also […]

What is Computer Virus?

Virus is a specific type of malicious program that replicates itself. It can exist as a separate program or as a malicious code attached to other files. While some computer viruses are only limited to replication without other malicious purpose, most of them are dangerous, and some are very destructive. Due to its behaviour, virus […]

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