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What is Spyware?

Spyware is software designed for collection of information about computer user and activities ran on a computer controlled by spyware. While “spyware”, as a term, defines computer programs that have to be supposedly malicious, it is not that straight. There is legitimate software designed for surveillance, employer and parental control that is not malicious by design. However, for the purpose of this website, we define such programs as spyware because anyone can use commercial surveillance products and keyloggers for illegal or questionable purpose that compromises your security and privacy.

Sample of keylogger spyware

There is another type of software that can spy on you and compromise your privacy as well. It is called adware and spread more than specially designed spyware programs. This software runs activities for collecting information about user’s web browsing history and serving matching ads. As a result, you might get more ads displayed in your web browser and more spam comming to your email box. Since we define programs used for advertising and promotion as “adware”, keep in mind that programs that display ads can spy on you and compromise your privacy.

How to Detect Spyware?

Let’s say it is quite difficult to do. Modern computers are robust and modern spyware is mostly quite advanced. While old computers would demonstrate notable decrease in performance if spyware is active, new systems are more advanced in multitasking, and spyware wouldn’t cause notable decrease in performance unless it is very poorly designed. There are some manual steps like taking a look at your Task Manager for suspicious processes that might help to discover the least advanced spyware. However, it requires some experience and access to the list of known malicious processes. Moreover, most of spyware programs are stealthy, and it is hard to find one without special software.

If you have advanced anti-virus software installed, then known malicious spyware would be detected and automatically blocked. Can you say that you are completely protected against spyware by your antivirus? Unfortunately, you can’t. There are legitimate spyware programs used for parental control and employer’s surveillance that can hurt you as well if used improperly and with malicious purpose. With exclusion of simple ones, all of legitimate spyware programs are stealthy. These programs are legitimate and respected as such by anti-virus products. Otherwise, this type of spyware products would be completely useless and cannot ever exist.

Are you completely defenseless against crooks that can install legitimate software on your computer and use it against you?

Not necessarily if you use anti-spyware products like SpyHunter that put your safety ahead and legitimacy that helps to spread commercial spyware products aside. You have a right to know about intrinsic danger that commercial spyware product can present if you have no control over their use, and you have a right to be protected. Free scanner offered with SpyHunter helps to detect all malicious files and registry entries that can belong to spyware, and you can opt for automated spyware removal.

How to Remove Spyware?

Spyware removal guides can help you to detect and remove wide spread spyware programs manually. However, they are limited. Program design might change at any time, and only anti-spyware software can offer you the most reliable and timely updated information in scan results, or complete protection if you opt for automated anti-spyware solution. SpyHunter is definitely one of the best products that can remove spyware and offer you extended protection. It complements your anti-virus software for better defense. This special software will warn you on all dangerous programs present on your computer without respecting legitimacy that helps commercial spyware to survive anti-virus scans. Since your private information can be used as a weapon against you, protection against such theft is your own responsibility and your own choice. SpyHunter offers you one of the best answers today.

How to Protect your Computer against Spyware?

Use anti-virus software and keep it up to date. It detects and blocks most of spyware programs and activities. Add special anti-spyware protection by installing SpyHunter or similar product that detects and blocks legitimate spyware programs that anti-virus software wouldn’t block. This security software helps to detect and remove all dangerous products that are legitimate and most dangerous malicious programs. It offers real-time protection and free professional support for removing malware if the software meets new challenges and unknown tricks used by cyber criminals.

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